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Quality 5.0 Should Take Quality Beyond the Quality in Quality 4.0

Quality 5.0?

Now what is this Quality 5.0?

And how should Quality 5.0 take Quality beyond the Quality in Quality 4.0?
An earlier post titled What is Quality 4.0? What Does the 4.0 After Quality in Quality 4.0 Signify? dwelt upon the salient aspects of Quality 4.0.

Quality, like any other discipline, should work towards the betterment of the world.

Quality 5.0 should attempt to take Quality a notch higher in the above journey.

Quality 5.0 is still in a formative stage and yet to take its final shape.

Conceptually, however, Quality 5.0 should bring forth certain novel aspects quite clearly and very forcefully.

Beyond systems that behave intelligently, the need of the world is to have systems in place that will act in the right manner, no matter what.

Hence, Quality 5.0 should focus on doing right things than just doing the things right.

For example, a robot can be created with all the AI/ML algorithms to work like a house servant.

The robot is expected to take care of certain needs of the members of the family in whose house it gets deployed.

However, the robot would need more than the AI/ML algorithms to develop empathy when working as a house servant.

Not only that, but such robots should also be made available to those who need it like a physically handicapped person and not only those who can afford it.

Quality 5.0 should go beyond quality of product to its availability to those who have a real need for it.

That way Quality 5.0 will need to imbibe principles of economic equality and not be limited by the principles of economic cost.

Quality 4.0 is supposed to focus on making machines acquire higher level of IQ.

Taking things beyond, Quality 5.0 should focus on making machines acquire higher level of EQ.

It is also important to note that Quality 5.0 will require intervention from the legal authorities and other designated agencies to ensure things are made available based on who needs them the most.

And not who can pay the most!

That is going to be a sea-change in terms of how the world is run.

The objective will be the collective betterment of all living beings and not just human beings.

The ultimate objective will be the betterment of the world around us.

Better for human beings.

And better for all other living beings too.

In a nutshell, Quality 5.0 should help bring sharp focus on three critical aspects:
  • Systems develop empathy
  • Needs drive availability
  • Concern for all living beings

Quality 4.0 will certainly make things better.

Quality 5.0 should help take things much beyond that and make them even better.

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